Monday, 24 September 2012

Doggie Coats!!!!

Hello All!

We're back with yet more new products for you! Yes you've guessed it...Doggie Coats!

Special thanks goes to our model Mylo (...the Lilo! Because he is sooooo laid back!).

Here's a sneek peep!

Keep checking back to see our new products!

Keep Crafting!

G & J


Saturday, 22 September 2012

More *NEW* Products!!!

We are really spoiling you today!

Here are yet more *NEW* products!

Introducing......Advent Sacks!! An Advent Calender that doubles as a Christmas Stocking!!


Stockings & Trees £15.00
Close Up

Keep posted for yet more new products to be unveiled....


Kids Aprons
Adult Aprons
iPad Cases
Doggy Coats

Happy Crafting!

G & J :)

*NEW PRODUCTS* !!!! :)


We have been busy busy little bees making and designing our new products!

Here are some pictures of our products. More can be found on the tabs at the top of the page.

iPad, Kindle (Various Models), iPhone & iPod Classic Cases!!! 

iPad Cases! Fully Fabric Lined!
iPad Case £7.00
iPad Case (Inside View)
Kindle Fire/Fire HD/Keyboards Case £5.00
Kindle Fire/Fire HD/Keyboard (Inside View)
Kindle/Kindle Touch Case £5.00
Kindle/Kindle Touch (Inside View)
iPhone 4/4S/5 iPod Touch 4th & 5th iPod Classic Case £3.50

iPhone 4/4S/5 iPod Touch 4th & 5th iPod Classic (Inside View)


Stay posted for more NEW products!!!

Hope you enjoy!

G & J :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Mercure Hotel 2nd September 2012


Sorry for the delay, just come back from holiday.

Had a fantastic time at Mercure, once again excellently organised by Lavender Field Events! (Thanks Christine and John!)

Here are some pictures of our stall, featuring new items!

Christmas Cards in SEPTEMBER! Plus loads of new Peg Bags.

Originally Designed Tote Bags are going down a storm but they are now LIMITED STOCK! ek!

Also featuring Kids Pump Bags.

NEW PRODUCTS to look out for....

Doggie Jackets
Kids & Adult Aprons
iPad & Tablet Cases
iPod & MP3 Cases

Plus.... A Christmas related Surprise Product!!!

Keep checking back for more information.

Off to create more lovely items (and to rest an injured finger...silly noticeboards!!)

Till the next time,

Happy Crafting

G & J


PS don't forget to check out the tabs at the top of the page to see more of our items in detail.
Our items are all for sale but are subject to availability as 99% of our items are one offs.
If interested in anything please contact us! Thanks!